What you should know about SKYPASS Visa Cards.

How to Apply

Yes, you need to have a permanent U.S. residence to apply for the SKYPASS Visa card. This ensures the bank is able to verify your information for a credit card. Of course, you can use your SKYPASS Visa card worldwide.
Apply online or contact 24-hour Cardmember Service to apply by phone.
Yes. If you do not currently have a SKYPASS number, one will be assigned to you. All of your SKYPASS miles will accumulate to one mileage account with Korean Air.
No, the primary SKYPASS Visa cardholder's name must match the SKYPASS member name and associated frequent flyer number. However, if you’d like additional cards for a family member, please contact us to request information.
You will receive notification of the status of your application within 7-10 business days.

Member Benefits

No, there are no mileage caps on any of the SKYPASS Visa cards.
U.S. Bank Overdraft Protection
Your SKYPASS Visa card protects your U.S. Bank Checking account from overdrafts in $25 increments up to your available credit limit, with the same APR as your Visa card.

Expanded Account Access
You can use your SKYPASS Visa card to access your U.S. Bank Credit, Savings, and Checking accounts at  any U.S. Bank ATM.

Telephone Transfer
You can transfer funds between your U.S. Bank accounts and your credit card account using your touch-tone phone. It's an easy and convenient way to pay your monthly bill.

Up to 20,000 miles earned from SKYPASS Visa (net) purchases can be counted towards earning Morning Calm Club membership. 

Up to 10,000 miles earned from SKYPASS Visa (net) purchases can be counted towards maintaining Morning Calm Club membership.
Online statements will continue to be sent electronically each month. However, the month in which the lounge coupons and/or duty free discount coupons are to be sent, a paper statement along with coupons will be mailed to your mailing address on file. Please be sure to keep your mailing address up to date.

Call U.S. Bank Cardmember Service at 866-286-8472 if your call is regarding when you will receive your Coupons and annual Bonus Miles at renewal.

Call Korean Air Service Center at 800-438-5000 if you have questions regarding the use of a coupon you have already received.

Basic Card Facts

The SKYPASS Visa card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted worldwide.
No. All of your Korean Air SKYPASS miles will accumulate to one SKYPASS number, even if you have a personal and business card.
Miles will be awarded to the individual cardmembers only. With the SKYPASS Visa Signature Business card, all miles accumulated on employee cards will accumulate to the employee's SKYPASS frequent flyer account.
Yes, you can use your SKYPASS Visa card for cash advances at ATMs that accept Visa credit cards. Cash advances do not earn mileage.
SKYPASS Select Visa Signature card: $450
SKYPASS Visa Signature card: $95 
SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa card with No Annual Fee: $0
SKYPASS Visa Signature Business card: $95
Yes. Enjoy managing your account in the privacy of your own home or while you’re traveling via the Internet. Enroll now!

Contactless Technology

  • Spot the Contactless Symbol at checkout.
  • Tap your card to the terminal.
  • That's it! Your secure payment is complete.

Smart Chip Technology

Your new chip card will work at merchants processing transactions using a chip terminal or using a magnetic stripe. Chip cards can be used anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted.
Yes, advance notification will help ensure that legitimate purchases are approved.
The microchip embedded in the card stores information required to authenticate, authorize and process transactions. This is the same type of information already stored in the magnetic stripe. No personal information about your account is stored on the chip card.
Chip cards provide an enhanced level of security as they provide additional card authentication at the point of sale and are more difficult to duplicate than magnetic stripe only cards.
Yes, your new chip Visa card will be protected under the same zero fraud liability protection1 as your current magnetic stripe card.
Your new chip card is just as durable as your old magnetic stripe card.
Simply follow the instructions on the terminal to complete the transaction.

Additional Questions

Visit usbank.com/creditwellness for helpful information about how credit can play a role in your life.

SKYPASS Visa Cardmembers enrolled in Online Banking can now obtain their TransUnion® Credit Score2 – at absolutely no cost!

Yes. Just contact 24-hour Cardmember Services. You’ll have the choice of connecting to a Korean-speaking customer service representative or using the automated 24-hour voice response system. The voice response system allows you to access detailed information about your account in English as well as in Korean.
Contact 24-hour Cardmember Services with any questions about your card.
Reading your statement (PDF) is simple. It's designed to make it easy to view important information on your account.3

Online Banking is very secure and we will cover any losses if there's ever any unauthorized use of your account.1 We guarantee that every scheduled payment will be processed and applied to your account on time, or we will cover any related fees.4 It is called our Online Banking Risk Free Guarantee.

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