Personal Credit Card Forms & Resources

To add an individual to your Card as a Joint Owner, simply call Cardmember Service, the phone number on the back of your credit card.

Business Credit Card Forms & Resources

The Authorized Officer is typically a business owner, president, partner, vice president or treasurer of your organization. They have full authority to make any updates, changes or requests for the business card account. There can be only one Authorized Officer and that person is required to be a cardmember.

To add an Authorized Officer please contact Cardmember Service at 866-249-3790.

The Authorized Representative is an individual who is given the authority to perform many administrative tasks on behalf of the Authorized Officer or company, such as:

  • Updating company account information
  • Adding or closing employee accounts
  • Adjusting employee credit limits
  • Making a payment or requesting statements

The role of the Authorized Representative is usually assigned to an office manager, controller, or someone in accounts payable, and that person is not required to be a cardmember.  There can be more than one Authorized Representative.

To add an Authorized Representative simply complete and mail or fax the Authorized Representative Form(PDF).1